About Us

Why VR?

Virtual reality is that buzzword that just won't go away. Whether its data visualization, advanced prototyping, or even high risk training software applications for the technology grow more ambitious by the day. But as the field matures certain things are becoming apparent and none bode well for the industry. Companies are building custom architectures and solving the same problems repeatedly. We started this website because we felt that there was not a central repository for research, information, or solutions to problems that all VR developers encounter. A lot of people are excited about the possibilities that virtual reality brings but are left feeling daunted by the development process. We want to dismiss this fear and democratize the process that is involved with sculpting a world in virtual reality.

Why LeadingOnes?

LeadingOnes provides a wholistic experience for learning VR. We don't just specialize in teaching a couple aspects of VR or a certain type of experience or game. Instead, we aim to not only provide an education in virtual reality coding practices, but essential building blocks that can be reused in any type of project and a collective of information on whats currently happening in the industry. This combination is meant to go past just learning the superficial details of making your code work and help you learn what will make your venture successful.

Our tutorials are designed to be easy to digest for any experience level. Each module can be looked at as part of a set for a complete ready-to-use project or individually. Modules include links to more extensive explanations of concepts discussed, so you can have as deep of an understanding as you choose. Every aspect of the site has been made with the student experience in mind and how to make it efficient and entertaining.

Have any questions or just want to find out more? Email us at contact@leadingones.com