Setting Up

Christiane Snyder

Import the starter scene provided in the unity package below:

After importing the base scene, import the GoogleVR unity package into your new project:

If you haven’t already, make sure that the project is for iOS or Android in your build settings.

File > Build Settings

Then choose your mobile platform and click “Switch Platform”.

Once you have your GoogleVR package imported into the starter scene, drag the “GvrMain” prefab into the scene. (This can be found under “All Prefabs” in your “Favorites” folder)

*The “GvrMain” prefab contains everything related to the main camera and the game’s representation of the player’s head location in the virtual world.

We want the user’s view of the scene to be directly about the robots body, which should be (0f,0.7f,0f):

After dragging the “GvrMain” into the scene, drag the “GvrReticle” under “Head” in the hierarchy so that is looks like this:

The reticle needs a raycaster to work, so click on the Main Camera in the scene and add “Physics Raycaster” as a component:

If you’re to start your scene right now, you’ll probably notice that you can’t see the skybox currently. To fix this, change the “Clear Flags” field to “Skybox” in the “Camera” component of “Main Camera”.