Creating Lasers

Christiane Snyder

Now we’re going to create instances of the “lasers” shown in the preview on the first page. In this series, I’ll use two particle systems for the laser projectile. First create a ”RightLaser” that will be placed on the right of the viewer with the information below:

Duplicate the laser particle system and name it “LeftLaser” and place them both under the “Main Camera” in the hierarchy:

Even though you have “RightLaser” and “LeftLaser” as children of the “Main Camera”, make sure to place them both in front of the camera on their respective sides in the scene as well.

Don’t worry about working with the lasers for now, we’ll continue adding functionality in a few steps.

We now want to edit the Event Manager, which will help process input from the HMD. Select the “EventManager” GameObject in the scene and add the “Gaze Input Module” from the GoogleVR package.

In the next steps, we’ll focus on making it react to VR input events!