Part 10: Conclusion/Sources

Christiane Snyder

There you have it, a simple gesture steering experience for the Google Cardboard! If you enjoyed this series, there are quite a few ways to continue working on this project and improving it. Some good places to start are:

  • Create a lose game state (Display some type of message that the user has lost or some change in visuals)
  • Create a win game state (Display some type of message that the user has collected all the coins)
  • Add a visual indicator (like the scene having a red tint) to communicate to the player that a shark is stalking the main character, even if the shark is currently not visible.
  • Add in more sea creature NPCs (friendly or otherwise)
  • Improve camera-dynamic object collision, to create a more precise interaction between the shark(or other objects you choose to add) and the main camera/GvrMain
  • Deactivate the active coin and arrow when the player dies.
  • If you have any questions, complaints or would like us to do an extension of this tutorial based around gameplay, feel free to email us at . We value your feedback!


    Shark Model:

    Sea Floor Assets:

    Inspiration for Underwater Script: