Part 3: 360 Stereoscopic Rendering in Maya

Christiane Snyder

Open the scene you would like to render a panorama of. Once the scene is loaded in, click the “Domemaster3D” option on the top bar and select LatLong Stereo camera to create your new camera view.

Domemaster3D > Dome Cameras > LatLong Stereo Camera

This should create 3 cameras grouped together in the scene. Select the group and move it to the location you wish you render your 360 view from.

Open the camera group’s Attribute Editor and click on the tab labeled “center_LatLong_stereo” and change the settings the ones displayed below:

For Images and Videos:

Field of View (Vert): Keep at 180. This represents the angle of the world that the camera will capture vertically for each rendered frame.

Field of View (Horiz): Keep at 360. This represents the angle of the world that the camera will capture horizontally for each rendered frame.

Cameras Separation: If you are looking for a traditional stereoscopic view, keep this at about 6.4 cm, the average width between a person’s eyes.

Zero Parallax Distance: This value is set at 360 automatically, but set it to roughly the distance from the middle of your objects in your scene to your cameras.

I chose 30 cm as my Zero Parallax Distance because my camera is placed in the middle of a circular ring of models that are roughly 30 cm from the camera.

Once you have your grouped cameras in the right location, go to Render Settings and ensure that the Renderable Camera is set to LatLongCamera (Stereo Pair) and that your height and width have a ratio of 4:1.

For Videos:

  • All the settings are the same, but make sure to set the frame numbers that you would like to render and all the appropriate fields.
  • Once your render settings are set, click “Batch Render” under the Rendering panel.

    NOTE: If for some reason, you cannot batch render, you can render the left and right camera’s separately and still follow the rest of the tutorial.

    After your batch render is complete, the left and right images should both have the same file name, but located in two seperate folders (unless you specified otherwise). Mine were located in:

    Documents > maya > projects > [PROJECT NAME] > images > LatLongStereoCameraLeft

    Documents > maya > projects > [PROJECT NAME] > images > LatLongStereoCameraRight

    If you're working on a PC, your path may be different.'