Part 4: OverUnder Action for Photoshop

Christiane Snyder

NOTE: This is a very tedious process for long videos. Check back soon for an easier way to merge large amounts of image pairs in a shorter amount of time.

If you haven’t already, download the Over-Under Action for Photoshop here:

Import a New Action into Adobe Photoshop:

Go into photoshop and under the “Window” tab on the top menu, make sure the “Actions” option is checked and the corresponding window is displayed.

In the "Actions" window, select "New Action..." to import the action we downloaded earlier. It should be listed automatically under the options provided.

Once you have your new action imported into Photoshop, select the “Over Under Formatter” action and press play.

You'll' be asked for two images. The first time you are asked for an image, supply the image rendered by the left camera. The second time you are prompted for an image, select the image rendered by the right camera.

After you are done, you should have a composite image like the one below:

Congratulations, you now have a 360 stereoscopic view of your scene in Maya! This image is extremely versatile and can be ported to many different platforms!

Save your image under a name you will remember, so that you can process it later on. The next step of the tutorial will provide options to turn it into something that can be viewed on HMDs and web platforms.