Gaze Input Tetris

Christiane Snyder

Since Virtual Reality development has a lot of unique factors, design often has to make up for any limitations that the hardware may have to create a successful experience. These design considerations make it very hard to convert many games directly into virtual reality. I decided to start our set of VR classic games tutorials off with one of the few games that could be turned into a virtual reality experience without significantly modifying the gameplay.

The version of tetris we make in this tutorial uses the player’s gaze location to determine where the currently falling block should move on the board and uses the single button on the Google Cardboard as a trigger to rotate the current block.

Since this tutorial is meant to completed quickly, we’ll cover the basic game mechanics of Tetris, incorporating VR gaze input, destroying fully occupied rows and updating the board accordingly. We won’t get into creating an endgame state or a UI system for restarting the game, but the last page will detail a few additions you can make to the game and hints on how to build them into your own project.