Part 2: Setting Up

Christiane Snyder

Download the starter project zip file:

If you haven't already, download and import the Google Cardboard iOS unity package:

Once you have your Cardboard unity package imported into the starter scene, drag the GvrMain prefab into the scene. (This can be found under “All Prefabs”). GvrMain contains everything related to the main camera and the game’s representation of the player’s head location in the virtual world.


We now want to edit the EventManager, which will process the input we want the game to interact with. Select the EventManager GameObject in the scene and add the Gaze Input Module from the GoogleVR package.

It should now look like this:

The last thing we need to add from the GoogleVR package is the GvrReticle, which we will drag under the new VR Main Camera to produce the following hierarchy:

Even though we don’t directly use the reticle for selection in our game, including it helps give players a visual of where they are looking and without it, the game may be confusing and unenjoyable.